MIFGS 2002

Escape is a break away from the traditional Australian garden.  The garden is inspired by the sustainable use of water. This water theme is expressed visually through the stone channel, dry creek bed and the water tank. The dry creek bed also acts as a water filter, as it passes through semi aquatic planting.  The diverse use of water across the site combines into one central pond.   The source of the water flowing down the stone rill is derived from stormwater stored in the water tank.  The tank as a central element in the garden also questions our aesthetic perceptions of decoration; that sustainable design elements can also have an aesthetic value.

Escape acknowledges that the purpose of materials can evolve; the use of recycled and reclaimed materials celebrates the beauty of objects discarded.  Escape is about possibilities. The garden incorporates a variety of scales and qualities of spaces:  Escape is about spatial diversity.  The elements can be deconstructed, transposed and reconstructed in different configurations to be site specific.  The diverse use of tones and choice of materials also reflects the diverse colours and geology of the Australian landscape beyond.