MIFGS 2009

The brief from Mitre 10 for the 2009 MIFGS was to design a garden around the theme 'outdoor life' that is both stylish and sustainable using affordable, readily-available materials and simple yet creative ideas.

'Food for Thought' is an edible garden inspired by the pre-renaissance practice of combining food plants with ornamental plants as well as today's environmental challenges. The design is intended to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers, DIY types and children alike. The garden includes a used wine bottle wall, sustainable permeable paving made from resin bonded recycled crushed glass, an aquaponic system, a worm farm and on site water harvesting, storage and distribution via a permeable pavement, water tank and drip irrigation. Hardy ornamental plants adapted to Australia’s harsh climate, herbs and vegetable and fruit and shade trees make up the plant palette.