• Step 1 Consultation

    One of AQL's staff members will visit your property showcasing our extensive portfolio of projects. During the intial consultation process, we will ascertain the specific services required, tailoring a design process that best meets your needs. Following the consultation, a fee structure clearly outlining costs will be provided to you. 

  • Step 2 Design

    The design phase consists of a series of meetings where you will be talked through a range of conceptual design proposals. Following the conceptual stage a series of working drawings will be provided for further discussion and refinement. The design phase finishes with a complete set of construction drawings, and an outline of construction and material costs to realise your porject. To help keep your project within budget, cost estimates can be provided at anytime during the design phase.

  • Step 3 Construction

    Following the design phase, the final construction drawings will be implemented by our expert team of trades-people. With over 15 years of construction experience on a vareity of projects, ranging from residential gardens to large scale government projects, AQL has the expertise to carry out your design to the highest standard.

  • Step 4 Maintenance

    To help keep your project looking its best, our experienced gardeners, can carry out a range of maintenance services, from pruning to weed control, all designed to help keep your project looking its best.